Discipleship Red: Orientation begins on 1/3/2015.  Course every Sunday after church from 1:30pm to 4:00pm.  Please register with Charlie 0430 873 168.

XEE Training Class - Evangelism Training Class (English) on 14/3 in Camberwell Methodist Church.  All youth leaders are encouraged to attend.  Please register with sis Irene Ting.

Logos Academy for Ministry & Mission (LAMM) Course.  21/3, 28/3, 11/4 - The Gospel of Mark (English) in Methodist House.  Speaker Dr. Kar Yong Lim.  This is an accredited course by Malaysia Theological Seminary (STM).

Disciple Red Facilitators Training in Melbourne - Friday evening on 27 March and Saturday 28 March, morning, afternoon and evening finishing late about 10.