We worship our one true God in Spirit and in truth. We value our corporate worship every Sunday. It is more than our proclamation of faith.

We believe that glorifying God through worship is one of the essential elements of a Christian life. Trinity Methodist Church Doveton offers a variety of worship experiences to help you best give glory to God’s presence in your life.

One of the key aspects of Methodist worship is singing; Methodists are very proud of our traditions and singing hymns during worship. Many of the hymns sung were written by Charles Wesley.   Apart from singing, liturgies and prayer are also essential parts of Methodist worship. 

We invite you to stop by our Church to find out more about our ministries and get answers to any questions you have.  We have greeters who be in the Church during Sunday services to help you find your way around.





卫理公会崇拜的一个关键方面是唱诗歌荣耀上帝; 卫理公会人员在崇拜期间为我们的传统和唱赞美诗感到非常自豪。许多赞美诗都是由查尔斯韦斯利写的。除了唱歌,礼拜仪式和祈祷也是卫理公会崇拜的重要组成部分。