TMC will Abide in the Lord to bear much fruits. is A Church After God's Own HeartBuilding Healthy Families to Serve The Lord.  It will become a people of prayer, a light house for our community, an excellent place for worship, fellowship and ministry and we are committed to nurture and equip believers to be sent into the world.

We are a member of Chinese Methodist Church in Australia - CMCA


三一堂在基督里,多结果子。建立合神心意的教会, 建立家庭,忠心事主。它的成员将成为一个祈祷的人,一个供我们社区使用的灯塔,一个崇拜,团契和事奉的好地方,我们致力于培养和装备信徒被派往世界。


我们是澳大利亚华人卫理公会的成员 -  CMCA


CMCA - Chinese Methodist Church in Australia

The CMCA is very unlike any other Methodist Church in modern times. Usually, a Methodist Church in any country other than Great Britain is established by a clear missionary effort from a sponsoring Conference. All the Methodist Conferences in America, Europe, Africa and Asia were given life this way, as can be seen from their respective Historical Statements. So was the former Methodist Church of Australasia, now one of the component parties of the Uniting Church. For Methodist churches originating this way, their Methodist character was stamped on them from the very beginning.  

In the case of the Methodist Church in Australia, however, its earliest Local Churches were formed as independent local churches. The earliest among them was the Melbourne Chinese Church, founded by Rev. James Ha in 1986 (later became Camberwell Methodist Church in 1991). Rev. Ha, being given the recognition as a missionary of the Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference, began to plant Brisbane Chinese Methodist Church in 1989 (the current Eight Mile Plains Methodist Church), and more preaching centers in New South Wales and South Australia follow. While this was taking place, an independent Methodist local church was established by Rev. Joel Siaw from the Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference in Western Australia. These local churches then came together to be formed into a Mission

Annual Conference of the Methodist Church in Australia in 1995 with its “Constitution” adapted from the Book of Discipline of the Methodist Church in Malaysia, 1992 the Provisional Annual Conference of the Methodist Church in Australia was constituted in 1998, finally the Annual Conference of the Chinese Methodist Church in Australia in 2002.